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how to teach a dog to swim

How to Teach A Dog to Swim?Video About Teaching Puppy to Swim

Everybody knows that dogs are perfect swimmers, but first of all you need to train them to swim properly. They can be afraid of water, if they have never been in the water like lake, sea, or pool. I will tell you exactly how to teach a dog to swim properly. There are lots of teaching tips you should follow, and also I will show you a great video tutorial about...




why dogs chew

Training Puppies Not to Chew-Free Video About Why Dogs Chew

Why dogs chew is very important question, and many dog lovers do not know the answers. Because they do not know the answers and basic training tips, the training process seems very hard. However, training puppies not to chew is actually very easy process. If you follow my simple instructions, you will reach...



dog bring newspaper

How to Teach Your Dog Tricks to Find and Bring You Something?

Teaching your dog tricks to find and bring you something is really simple. Every dog breed can learn this trick easily, so they can find specific objects and bring you back. Some dogs have a gift about this trick. You don't even need to train them, but even laziest dogs can be trained with the help of bell and reward. I will tell you how to teach your dogs...



dogs cannot eat onion

What Can't Dogs Eat? What Food Are Toxic to Dogs?

Some food look innocent to us, and we cannot know that these food are actually very dangerous and toxic for our dogs. I always recommend people to give their dogs healthy homemade dog food, but you need to be very careful while preparing them homemade food because some food which are not dangerous for humans can be fatal for dogs...



how to train you dogs

How to Train Dogs? Dog Behavior Changes With Your Knowledge

First of all, you should know that dogs can learn everytime and almost everything. However, the problem is that we don't know how to train our dogs, and lots of times, we teach them bad behaviors unintentionally! Believe me they always watch us, and learn everything with their own way. What is the meaning of "their own way"? Well, humans and dogs are very different...



what should dogs eat

What Can Dogs Eat? VS What Should Dogs Eat?

First of all, I want to say something very important to you. Dogs can live 27 years! Yes, dogs can live 27 years! However, I want to ask you something. Have you ever seen a dog living that much? Actually, it is almost impossible to see a 27-year-old dog in today's world. Why? Because we do not feed them with healthy food. I

have a dog named Atom. He is two years old, and...



dog barking problem

Why Do Dogs Bark? How to Stop Dog Barking Problem?

Dog barking is very important problem for dog owners. Endless dog barking disturbs people so much especially our neighbors. Actually dogs bark because they want to communicate with us and other dogs. However, excessive dog barking should be solved. I will tell you why dog barks, and how we can stop dog barking...





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what can dogs eat vs what should dogs eat


What Can Dogs Eat? VS What Should Dogs Eat?

By Makeusknow






why do dogs bark


Why Do Dogs Bark? How to Stop Dog Barking Problem?

By Makeusknow

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