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backyard aquaponics

Aquaponics Gardening-How to Make a DIY Backyard Aquaponics?

I try to explain the aquaponics gardening system as easy as possible because some sources are really hard to understand. This system is the most efficient way to produce organic and healthy food for you. It is simply based on the symbiotic relationships among fish, plants, and bacteria. They all live in one system and help each other to cultivate organic food efficiently. You basically need to have three major things to make diy aquaponics. First...






backyard chicken coop

DIY Chicken Coop-How To Build A DIY Chicken Coop?

Sometimes, I really want to eat natural eggs in my breakfast. However, I know that eggs in the market is not natural, and these eggs are not delicious neither because chicken egg production is very special process. I want to talk about diy chicken coop. I will explain all the details about how to build modern chicken coops easily with basic tools, so you can finally  eat natural and delicious eggs every morning. First of all, I want to mention about raising chicken...






how to heat a chicken coop

How to Heat a Chicken Coop? How to Raise a Chicken in Cold Weather?

There are lots of way to provide heat for chicken coop, but the best way is to have special heat lamp. I highly recommend 250 Watt red heat lamp, and this lamp should be infrared heat lamp. This is easiest, safest, and cheapest technique to heat a chicken coop. You should place the heat lamp at the center of the chicken coop. This is important because heat can reach everywhere easily. As I said, you should buy a red heat lamp. Red is actually provide darker environment if we compare it with...











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