How to Stop Cats From Peeing on Carpet, Furniture, and Bed?

Cats can urinate outside of litter box, and this is very common problem among cat owners. How to stop cats from peeing on carpet, furniture, and bed is the most important question we should ask, and the solution is not difficult as you think. Cats urinating outside of litter box can have lots of problems and I will tell you all of them. I will also tell you what the solution is for this problem.


First of all, you need to examine the problem as a cat owner. There are actually 2 possible reasons causing urinating problem. One is medical reasons and the other is behavioural reasons. For medical reasons you need to go to your vet and be checked the health condition of your cat. If your cat is checked by a vet and there is nothing to worry about, then it is behavioural problem.

Once you know the problem is behavioral, then you can find the reason behind the problem. There are lots of important reasons why cats urinate outside of the litter box. Why are there lots of reasons? Because cats are very picky animals. This is true! I will actually sit and write all the picky behaviors cats have one by one, and provide the solutions for these behaviours later.

1. Cats are very similar to people. They want to have clean litter boxes. They don’t want to urinate into the litter boxes that are dirty. We people don’t want to have dirty toilets neither. If cats see or smell something bad in their litter boxes, then there is nearly no way to have a cat that urinates into the litter box. You need to provide them clean litter boxes. What I mean with word “clean” is daily based cleaning. If you don’t clean their litter box, then you have no chance to have clean house.

2. Safety is very important for cats. They need to feel that they are in the safe area, so the location of the litter box is very important.

3. Privacy of your cat is another important thing that you should consider. They have to have some privacy while urinating.

4. Another important thing is lightining. As I said before cats are very very very picky animals, and little change in lightining of the litter box can be the reason why your cat urinates outside of the litter box.

5. Cats need to be stress free. Stress is the most important enemy for cats. The reasons behind the stress can be other cats, dogs, noise, moving out of home or more.

Once they begin to urinate outside of the litter box, they continue with this behaviour because your carpet, furniture, or bed have the smell of their urine. This odor actually tells your cats that this place is a good place to urinate again and again.

I will provide you all the solutions about how you will handle all of these reasons about why your cat does not pee in the litter box.


As I said before, once your cats begin to urinate outside of the litter box, then they continue this behavior because the odor of their urine calls them to urinate that area again. To stop this behavior, you should certainly clean up the area. This cleaining process have to be real cleaining with enzymatic cleaners. If there is a little urine left on your carpet, furniture, or bed, then this is a problem for you. Cats can smell better than you. Even if you smell nothing on the carpets you’ve just cleaned, your cats can smell their urine, so you need to be careful while cleaining the area. Once you clean the area perfectly, you are ready to learn everything about toilet training of your cat.

Internet does not provide sufficient information about all the problems such as cleaning, safety issue, lightening problem, privacy, stress and toilet training of your cat. These are the main reasons why your cat pee outside of the litter box and this is a very difficult situation for cat owners. Sometimes families think that they need to give up their cat. Please don’t give up your cat! These are really the simple problems which have simple solutions. I know you fell desperate about urination problem of your cat, but there is a complete solution for all of these reasons and more.

I have a dog named Atom and cat named Molly, and I’ve had the same issue with my little Molly. Then I’ve found an amazing system which has everything I need to solve urination problem of my Molly. I’ve used this system that is prepared by Mike Whyte, Independent Cat Behaviour Researcher, and the result is incredible. I needed to recommend this to you because I know what you feel and what you need about your cat’s urination problem. Molly actually has stopped urinating outside litter box in less than a week. This is an amazing result. This is a complete system for urination problem of your cat. You can reach Mike Whyte’s system in his website here.I want to put another testimonial from Laura Faulkner from Seattle.

You can also find this real testimonial from Mike Whyte’s website. I try to tell you the possible reasons about why cats urinate outside of the litter box, and how to stop cats from peeing on carpet, furniture, and bed. This system I recommend to you has all the details about the reasons and the solutions. This is very cheap product that I highly recommend to you according to my own experiences with my Molly and experiences of hundreds of other cat owners. You can reach the official website here. Our cats are the member of our families, and we need to take care of them.

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