Truth About Commercial Dog Food-Why Homemade Dog Food Is Better

Do you know that commercial dog food are very dangerous for the health of your dogs? Believe me that is not the only thing that you should concern about commercial dog food! I will tell you everything about truth about commercial dog food. After this article, you will know that homemade dog food is far far far better choice than commercial dog food by any means. What is really in dog food is very important question, and I will tell you all the details about commercial dog food analysis. There is a big danger about commercial dog food, and you need to know everything about it.

Truth About Commercial Dog Food # 1

Dogs need to eat meat, so the primary ingredient of their food should be meat to provide them enough protein. However, lots of commercial dog foods contain meat derivatives. What are meat derivatives? Well, we know that dog food manufacturers should decrease the expenses. If we recall that “the primary ingredient of the dog food should be meat”, then we can see the problem. Dog food manufacturers should use every kind of meat derivatives like cancerous tissue, nose, ears, eyeball, beak, hoof, etc. I don’t know you, but I don’t want to give any of these ingredients to my dog.

Truth About Commercial Dog Food # 2

Meat derivatives are bad enough, but there is worse than that! If you see “by-product” on the label of the dog food, you should think twice before giving this commercial dog food to your dog. For example, you can see “meat by-product” or “chicken by-product” on the label. This seems harmless to you, but the truth is different. These meats can be zoo animals, animals that are killed on the roads, animals that have different kinds of diseases, and dead animals. The worst is that euthanized dogs and cats are also used to prepare commercial dog food. This is true, and American Veterinary Association and the FDA confirmed this information in 1990. I don’t want to put the picture of this situation openly, but you can see the picture here if you want (I really don’t recommend). Dog food manufacturers need to produce cheap products, and you should be always worried about the that.

Truth About Commercial Dog Food # 3

There are lots of chemical additives in commercial dog food, and these chemical additives are highly dangerous for your dogs. Some of them even cause cancer! BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin are very dangerous chemical preservatives that are used in the commercial dog food. I know that there are also chemical preservatives in human food, but not these ones! BHA and BHT are not allowed to be used in human food, but there is no prohibition for dog food. BHA and BHT are very dangerous, and dog food manufacturers use them in the United States for dog food. These chemical preservatives actually cause kidney failure in dogs. Ethoxyquin is worse than BHA and BHT. It actually causes cancer, skin diseases, and major organ failure. You should be aware of all the danger of commercial dog food, and prepare homemade dog food for your precious dogs. They don’t deserve these kinds of commercial food that causes lots of diseases.

What Should You Do to Have Healthy Dogs?

These truths about commercial dog food are shocking! You should stay away from these kinds of commercial dog food right away. These are not what your dogs deserve. Your dogs can have serious diseases because of commercial dog food. Cancer, kidney failure, skin diseases, and major organ failure are only what we know. You should give your dogs healthy homemade dog food. This is very important to know that your dogs can live 27 years with homemade and well-balanced dog food. You can find everything you need to raise healthier dogs in my article here. This article is about how you can prepare homemade dog food with step by step recipes. Hope it will help.

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