What Can’t Dogs Eat? What Food Are Toxic To Dogs?

Some food look innocent to us, and we cannot know that these food are actually very dangerous and toxic for our dogs. I always recommend people to give their dogs healthy homemade dog food, but you need to be very careful while preparing them homemade food because some food which are not dangerous for humans can be fatal for dogs. Even some commercial dog food have these toxic food. As I always say, dogs can live 27 years if you take care of them. I will explain the questions “what can’t dogs eat?” and “what are toxic to dogs?” in this article.


I think almost all people think that dogs can eat raw meat. I can admit that I had this thougt too. Actually raw meat does not contain toxic nutrients, but dogs can’t eat raw

meat because raw meat contains bacteria. These bacteria can cause food poisoning. Food poisoning is something very bad for your dogs. The symptoms are diarrhea, breathing difficulty, vomiting, and in some cases death.

It is also really important that some kinds of fish cause worse consequences. Salmon can be very dangerous for your dogs. Salmon has parasite and if these parasites have certain kind of disease (it is very common), then your dogs can have “Salmon Poisoning Disease”. This disease is worse than regular poisoning. If it is not treated, then dogs that have Salmon Poisoning Disease can die in two weeks. Please be aware of the potential consequences of the food poisoning. You should always cook your dogs’ food.


You absolutely should not give your dogs alcohol. Dogs can’t know what is right and what is wrong for their health. You are responsible for your dogs. I sometimes observe that some dog owners give them alcohol intentionally. This is not acceptable. This is clearly an animal abuse! Please don’t let people give alcohol to their dogs. Alcohol poisoning is very dangerous consequence for dogs. The symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, and breathing difficuities. Alcohol can kill your dogs. Sometimes, dogs can drink alcohol unintentionally. To prevent this situation, please put alcohol bottles somewhere dogs can’t reach.


Yes, onions and garlics are poisonous to dogs. Onions and garlics kill red blood cells of dogs. Red blood cells are very important to live. The main duty of red blood cells is to deliver the oxygen to body tissues. If the number of blood cells decrease, then your dogs can have the disease “anemia”. This is very dangerous disease and can cause death. Keep your dogs away from onions and garlics because they can eat them unintentionally, and we don’ want this.


We all like caffeine, especially in the morning. However, dogs can’t eat caffeine based food. Some of these caffeine based food are coffee, chocolate, coke, even non-cola sodas, ice cream, diet pills, and energy drinks. If your dogs eat lots of caffeine based food, then they can cause caffeine poisoning to your dogs. Especially chocolate and ice cream are very important because some people don’t know about the danger of these food and always give them to their dogs. Dogs can actually die because of large amount of caffeine. Even 1 or 2 diet pills enough to kill them, so be careful about caffeine.


Avocados are maybe very good for humans’ health, but it is very dangerous for dogs’ health. When I have first heard about how dangerous avocados are for dogs, I gave all my avocados to my neighbour. Avocados contains very dangerous toxin “persin”. This toxin is not dangerous for humans, but large amount of persin are very dangerous for dogs. Don’t let your dogs eat avocado, and please don’t put avocados somewhere dogs can reach.


Yeast dough can be very harmful for your dogs, so you should not give your dogs food that contain yeast dough. Yeast dough basically increase the level of gas production, so this gas production disturbs your dogs. For example, bread cointains yeast dough, and you should not give it to your dogs. However, because bread is cooked, the effects of yeast dough decrease. I think, the reason why dogs don’t eat bread is disturbing effects of yeast dough.


It is very shocking that milk and food that contain milk can be dangerous for your dogs. Especially dogs love ice cream. My dogs also loves ice cream, and before I have heard about the danger of the milk, I always gave ice cream to my Atom. Actually I have not thought this kind of information. Now, I don’t give ice cream to my Atom that much because milk can causes diarrhea, and itchiness. I know your dogs will want ice cream, but be careful about that.


It is very important that grapes are very toxic for your dogs. Don’t give grapes to your dogs! Grapes cause kidney failure and even 30-35 grams of grapes per kilogram of dogs can be enough for this illness. The reason is actually unknown, but the result is known, so be careful about grapes. They can eat them accidentally, so don’t put grapes where your dogs can reach. Kidney failure can cause death.

What can’t dogs eat?” and “what are toxic to dogs?” are two major questions for dog owners, and I tried to explain the dangerous food for dogs, and some of them are really dangerous and cause death. Dogs are member of our family, and we should be careful about them. I also have an article about what dogs should eat to live longer and healthier lives. You can read my article What Should Dogs Eat?. Dogs can live 27 years if we feed them with healthy homemade dog food and avoid dangerous and toxic food. Take care of your dogs.

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