What Can Dogs Eat? VS What Should Dogs Eat?

What should dogs eat” is the most important question we should ask to ourselves. I want to say something very important to you. Dogs can live 27 years! Yes, dogs can live 27 years! However, I want to ask you something. Have you ever seen a dog living that much? Actually, it is almost impossible to see a 27-year-old dog in today’s world. Why? Because we do not feed them with healthy food. I have a dog named Atom. He is two years old, and I don’t want to loose him too early. I want to tell you how you should feed them with excellent recipes. What is healthy, what is not and how you can prepare healhy homemade dog food.


Actually, dogs are very similar to people because dogs should eat almost every kind of nutritious food like people. They need vitamins, minerals, proteins, fat, carbohydrates, sugar, salt and more. If you want to give them healthier lives then you should provide them these healthy nutrients with well-balanced way. The best way to give them these nutrients is that preparing them healthy homemade dog food. Please don’t give any over processed commercial dog food to your dog. Commercial dog food are very harmful, and these dog food increase the risk of dying prematurely. I try to explain what should dogs eat, so you will learn what kind of food you should give your dog. It will be kind of a dog food analysis to have healthier dogs. After I tell about the property of the nutrients, I will explain how you should give these food to your dogs.


First of all, Dogs need protein, and there are lots of protein source you can give to your dogs. There aretwo kinds of meat, red and white. Red meat has more protein than white meat. For example, beef has high quality protein. Basically, 100 grams beef includes 32 grams high quality protein and 6 grams fat. There is one thing you should know about fat. All animals need fat to maintain their lives, and meat is very good source of fat.


Can dogs eat chicken? Yes, chicken meat is another good source of protein, and it is very affordable if we compare it with beef. 100 grams chicken meat includes 26 grams protein, and this is also high quality protein. One additional property of chicken meat is that dogs can easily digest this kind of white meat. Moreover, chicken meat has less fat than beef. If your dogs have health problem with the heart, then you should give them chicken meat instead of beef.


There are also fish, duck, lamb, turkey, and egg to provide high quality protein to your dogs. You should add these high quality protein and fat sources to their homemade food. For example, fish are very important because fish has omega-3 and omega-6 oils which are very healthy and nutritious. These oils help your dogs grow and be healthy. Eggs are also important protein source because of their additional ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Please be aware that you should cook all the meats before giving to your dogs because of some bacterias and parasites that live on raw meats.


Almost all kinds of vegetables are very important for the health of your dogs because dogs need carbohydrates, vitamins, sugar, gluten, and dietary fiber. Vegetables have almost all of these nutrients. Carrots, potatoes, peas, and tomatoes are very nutritious for your dogs.

Carrots have vitamin A which is very important vitamin for eyes of your dogs. Potatoes is also important because dogs need sugar, and potatoes have lots of simple sugar for them. Some people say that potatoes are not good choice for dogs, but it is not true. Well-prepared and well-balanced potatoes are very nutritious. Sugar beet is also a good choice to provide sugar. Peas have lots of vitamins such as vitamin K, vitamin E, and vitamin C. Peas are also good magnesium and potassium sources which are very important for health of your dogs. Tomatoes are also excellent source of vitamin C. These are just the examples. Vegetables have lots of healthy ingredients and these are really necessary for dog’s health conditions.


Over processed commercial dogs food are lack of almost all of these nutrients. You should prepare them healthy dog food instead of commercial ones! Dogs have bodies like people. They have hearts, eyes, arms, kidneys like us, so they need different kinds of food to protect their bodies from illnesses.


Grains are very important like other food. Oats, brown rise, and barley are full of dietary fiber. Dietary fibers decrease the cholesterol of your dogs’ body, and protect their hearts and vascular systems. These grains help you to solve digestion problems of your dogs. Digestion problems are very common, and grains are very good solution for this.


Dogs like fruit, and need them too. Fruits have simple sugar, lots of vitamins, minerals, and enzymesthat is necessary for health of your dog. Especially fruit juice is important instead of solid fruits. Dogs are like people and they need almost all kinds of fruits to have healtier lives. They can basically eat yellow, orange, and red fruits to have healthier lives. You can give them apple, banana, watermelon for example. Apple is especially good for teeth health of your dogs. Commercial dog food contain over processed nutrients, and these over processed nutrients cannot give necessary vitamins and fibers to your dog. Give them healthy fresh fruits to give them healthier lives. Almost all of the fruits contain antioxidants which help decreasing the risks of cancer. It is very important that dogs cannot have these antioxidants, vitamins and fibers from over processed dog ‘food’.


Preparing healthy food is very important for your dogs. As I said before, please don’t give commercial dog food to your precious dogs. Preparing healthy food is actually very easy. You need to be careful about calories and ingredients while preparing healthy homemade dog food. There is a sample homemade dog food recipe which has perfectly balanced nutrients for the health of your dogs below.

You can easily follow this recipe and prepare healthy homemade dog food for your dog. This is absolutely necessary to prepare this kind of natural dog food because of health of your dog. I think, our dogs are member of our family, and it is our duty to give them healthy food. As I said before, you need to be very careful while preparing their food because balance of the nutrients is the key point of homemade dog food.

Homemade dog food is the healthiest food you can provide to your dogs. Commercial dog food are over processed dog “food”, and these kinds of over processed dog “food” do not have any healthy nutrients. All manufacturers say in the commercials that they produce the best dog food for your dogs. However, these kinds of over processed dog food cause lots of health issues! Dogs can die younger because of these over processed unhealthy food! Everyday, lots of people turn to homemade dog food like me. You will see the improvement of your dogs’ overall health condition in no time.


I highly recommend healthy homemade dog food recipes that I recently use for my own Atom. The guide which I recommend to you includes lots of recipes and valuable information to have healtier dogs. This guide is prepared by Andrew Lewis and his vet and nutritionist team, and thousands of dog owners are glad to have this amazing guide like me. You will learn everything about how to prepare well-balanced homemade dog food with step-by-step recipes and information. We all should know that our best friends need to have healthy and well-balanced food to have healthier and longer life. You can find all the amazing information to have healthier dogs here in the Andrew Lewis’ website. He helped me so much about raising healthier Atom. This is a very cheap product that I highly recommend for your dog according to my own experiences with my Atom and experiences of thousands of other dog owners, and I think they totally deserve this. Dogs are members of our family, and we have to pay attention to them. I can honestly say that you should give your dogs healthy homemade food not commercial ones. Besides, commercial food are not well-balanced, and these food cannot provide healthy nutrients. As I said before, “what should dogs eat” is what we have to consider to have healthier dogs, and provide them better and longer lives.

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  1. I was very skeptical about homemade recipes but my vet also recommeded homemade food for my beagle.He has heart disease. Heart disease is very common among beagles. He has to lose some weight, so I decided to try these recipes. I have followed all the instructions in this guide particularly the recipes that include omega-3.he lost 3 pounds in two weeks and I can see the improvement in his condition.Thnk you Erol.

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